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A New "I-" On Accessibility

Over the past several years, theater lovers with little or no hearing have been able to enjoy several of Broadway's biggest See more...
SA1521 Home System




Sound Designer Kai Harada with Associate Designer Patrick Pummil chose a Studer Vista 5 Console for A1 Elizabeth Coleman to mix and master 20 channels of Sennheiser 5212/3732 wireless microphones to Meyer Leopards and Alcons LR14 line arrays. Video Designer Peter Negrini specified 7 Panasonic Video Projectors, D3 Media Servers, and a Cisco Catalyst Network transforming the Walter Kerr Theatre into a whimsical travelogue of Paris.


After a visit to the Yonkers shop by Chazz Palminteri and his son for a guitar repair, the production crew assembled a first class sound system designed by Gareth Owen with his associate Josh Leibert. A1 Dave Horowitz is in charge of the Avid S6L console, d&b V Line Array system and 36 Sennheiser 5212/3732 wireless microphones to bring the Bronx Tale with music by Alan Menken to life in the Longacre Theatre for directors Jerry Zacks and Robert De Niro.


Some critics claim it's better than the original! No matter. The audiences are lovin' it! "Memories" may still be thrilling audiences for another eighteen years. Mick Potter brings his classic sound design to this dynamic musical at the Neil Simon Theatre only a block away from its original home at the Winter Garden. Commanding Digico SD7 and SD10 audio consoles A1 Maxine Gutierrez mixes the Andrew Lloyd Webber dynamic score and the "Jellicles" purr-fect voices with remarkable harmony through the 40 Sennheiser Wireless microphones and 50 Meyer powered loudspeakers.


In the immediate wake of the 09/11/01 terrorist attacks, incoming aircraft were diverted from the NYC area to other airports, many outside the USA. Those diverted to St. Johns, Newfoundland found their reception by the local residents in the small, isolated town of Gander to be remarkably kind and sensitive inviting the "stranded" passengers into their homes for a "sleep-over." For this heart-warming musical, Sound Designer Gareth Owen chose a new Avid S6L-32 audio console for A1 Chris Leussmann to mix the d&b loudspeaker combination in Ford's Theatre, DC and the Royal Alex, Toronto, scheduled before the Broadway Premier.


No, Bill Murray is not appearing at the August Wilson Theatre but the house has been outfitted with a new sound system hopefully serving as long as its predecessor on Jersey Boys. Sound Designer Simon Baker relocated the team from Matilda, led by A1 Ty Lackey, north to 52 nd Street with a first class system of d&b Y8 Line Arrays and 48 channels of Sennheiser 5212/1046 wireless microphones mixed in a Digico SD7T Console. Sound Production Team Leader Phil Lojo, not Punxsutawney Phil, made it all look easy.


Taking over the Broadway Theatre on the heels of Fiddler On The Roof, the setting moves east from Ukraine to Viet Nam. With the helicopter still commanding visual and audio impact, the sound system designed by Mick Potter responds remarkably under the capable ministries of A1 Josh Hummel. A Digico SD7T Console mixes 48 channels of Sennheiser 5212/1046 wireless with orchestra microphones to 32 Meyer Leopards and 900LFC subs managed by Callisto and Galileo controllers.


Five band locations in the Winter Garden Theatre digitally synced together add a spectacular music dimension to this popular British Rock import. No expense has been spared with this newest Andrew Lloyd Webber production about the musical talents of fifth graders at a prestige prep school. Sound Designer Mick Potter has once again turned the theatre into a magical Rock & Roll Palace. Meyer Articulated Line Arrays and sub-woofers provide plenty of SPL to a grateful audience.


Glen Close is packing them in at the Palace Theatre with the return of this popular Andrew Lloyd Weber musical. With the orchestra on stage Sound Designer Mick Potter met the challenge of controlling the dynamics with A1 George Huckins mixing the orchestra and 36 Sennheiser 5212/3732 wireless mics through the Digico SD7T Console. Meyer Callisto and Galileo controllers manage the Leopards and 1100 LFC subs. Kudos to Colle Bustin and Kevin Kennedy for their excellent work on the Production Team.


Sound Designers Steve Canyon Kennedy and Andrew Keister score again with this Gloria Estefan musical. New Meyer Sound Lyons form the core of the FOH speaker rig, also featuring Meyer Minas, 600-HP and 700-HP subwoofers. D&B and Tanoy provide fill duty, with Digico SD-7 and SD-8 controlling the mixing duties. Sennheiser 5212 and SKM-5200 RF mics round out the sound system in the capable hands of A1 Julie Randolph. <