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Mobile App Breaks New Barriers

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Broadway has taken another giant step for in making their productions accessible to all, adding GalaPro to their suite of audience services. Like I-Caption® and D-Scriptive, This unique service, provides on-demand caption and audio description for each performance—right to your own smart phone or wifi enabled tablet. For more information on this innovative service Click Here. To find a production offering GalaPro, click here.




Is the story of an illicit affair in reverse; beginning with the dissolution of a marriage and ending with the first forbidden romantic feelings. Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers) is the box office headliner for this smash hit. Ben and Max Ringham with the assistance of veteran Sound Designer Chris Cronin chose a Yamaha CL1 to mix the sound effects with the Shure wireless mics. A d&b Y12 speaker rig fits perfectly into the Bernard Jacobs Theatre and makes this limited run a must-see production.


The "Queen of Rock and Roll" has transported her successful West End production starring Adrienne Warren to the "Great White Way". Tony Award winning Sound Designer Nevin Steinberg specified a Digico SD7-T console for A1 Julie Randolph to mix the Sennheiser 6000 series wireless microphones. Associate Sound Designer Jason Crystal matched the d&b Y8 speakers with the Waves Soundgrid Extreme processors.


The life and times of the Temptations. Sound Designer Steve Canyon Kennedy will be putting his magic touch on another musical after the tremendous success with his sound design for the Four Seasons hit Jersey Boys. Associate Designer Walter Trabach and A1 Julie Sloan make the memorable harmonies come alive through a Digico SD7T Console and Meyer Leopard and KV2 sr215 loudspeakers. A2 John Cooper is busy managing the Sennheiser 6000/5212 wireless microphones bringing fourteen number one hits to a cheering Imperial Theatre audience.


Rogers and Hammerstein's first collaboration returns to Broadway with Sound Designer Drew Levy and Assistant Sound Designer Tony Smolenski bringing the high spirited rivalry between the local farmers and cowboys alive at Circle in the Square. A1 John Sibley is busy mixing the duets of handsome cowboy Curly and winsome farm girl Laurey as the tumultuous love story is sung through Sennheiser wireless microphones and d&b T10, E12 loudspeakers in the unconventional space.


Tony Award Winning Sound Designer Brian Ronan is dealing with Tony Award Nominee Santino Fontana in the roll of Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels, played in the film by Academy Award Nominee Dustin Hoffman; and Lilli Cooper in the roll of Julie Nichols, played in the film by Academy Award Winning Supporting Actress Jessica Lang. Hopefully the Tony Awards will be as kind to the comedy as the Oscars. Assistant Sound Designer Cody Spencer and A1 Louis Igoe round out the sound team managing the Digico SD7T Mixer and L'Acoustic DX-dosc loudspeakers in the Marquis Theatre.


Video Designer Peter Nigrini takes on the demanding projects. His outstanding videography propelled Fela, the story of Nigerian musician/composer Fela Kuti, into a successful Broadway run at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. Winner of multiple awards for his video designs including the current Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen. Peter will dazzle the audience at the Winter Garden Theatre using 300 ESD Dazzle Panels and Panasonic R221K projectors controlled by Disguise/Novastar.


Laurie Metcalf (Hillary) and John Lithgow (Bill) lead the team of actors playing politicians. Usually, it's politicians acting! But I digress. The cast is in good hands with Sound Designer Leon Rothenberg leading his flock, Assistant Sound Designer Josh Millican and A1 Wayne Smith, through the morass of saving Hillary's troubled 2008 Presidential campaign in New Hampshire. Mixing on a Yamaha CL5 Console with d&b loudspeakers, the sound team gets the audience's vote!


The Video Walls are awesome. A full stage LED Wall is coupled with double sided LED Walls on turntables transporting the production anywhere in the universe. Video Designer Aaron Rhyne takes us on a train journey from a station in Moscow through a snowstorm to a Palace Ball in Paris. Through 475 Roe Black Pearl BP3 video panels driven by 4 Disguise GX2 servers, Aaron creates a whirlwind so visually exciting it has the audience glued in their seats gasping and exclaiming throughout the performance.


In the immediate wake of the 09/11/01 terrorist attacks, incoming aircraft were diverted from the NYC area to other airports, many outside the USA. Those diverted to St. Johns, Newfoundland found their reception by the local residents in the small, isolated town of Gander to be remarkably kind and sensitive inviting the "stranded" passengers into their homes for a "sleep-over." For this heart-warming musical, Sound Designer Gareth Owen chose a new Avid S6L-32 audio console for A1 Chris Leussmann to mix the d&b loudspeaker combination in Ford's Theatre, DC and the Royal Alex, Toronto, scheduled before the Broadway Premier. <